Solar energy projects are smart investments for both local communities and for the nation.

Local Tax Base Growth

Solar energy projects enhance the communities in which they are located by bringing significant, hundred-fold increases to the tax base (vs undeveloped land) without requiring public services such as enhanced transportation infrastructure, school capacity, or sewer and water systems.

Low-Cost Source of Energy

Thanks to new efficiencies and significant economies of scale, the cost of solar energy generation has plummeted in recent years. Solar energy’s “Unsubsidized Levelized Cost of Energy” (the measure of cost competitiveness without government subsidies) is now similar to or less than those of the traditional energy generation methods.

Minimal Operating Cost

Unlike traditional energy generation which requires fuels with unpredictable costs, solar energy only needs free sunlight. Solar energy generation also incorporates very few moving parts, minimizing maintenance cost.

Energy Security

Sunlight is free, unlike many other fuels that need to be procured from unpredictable parts of the world. The more electricity we generate from renewable resources, the more of our domestically-sourced gas, oil, and coal we can sell abroad.