Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and safest forms of generating electricity, and helps protect the environment in which it operates.


Solar farms can provide an excellent setting for preserving and enhancing the surrounding area’s biodiversity. Birdseye strives to take extra steps to incorporate indigenous species of seeds and plants throughout and around the PV array, encouraging the presence of pollinators and other wildlife.

Endangered Species

Federal and state regulations are in place to guarantee that the installation of ground-mounted PV arrays preserves and protects the habitats of rare animal and plant species. Birdseye engages environmental specialists on its project sites to identify potential endangered species’ habitats and to collaborate on plans to avoid adverse impacts.

Water Quality

Federal and state regulations ensure that PV arrays are installed in ways that protect the public water supply, wetlands, and other water resources. All solar panels are contained in a solid matrix, are insoluble, and are enclosed in airtight and watertight casings.

Air Quality

Solar energy is a zero-emissions source of electricity, preserving optimal air quality for your family and your community.